God Knows

Broken and beautiful are the words that came to mind as I saw the tile in the empty warehouse. This building was to become a place of refuge, a place of hope and worship. It was to become a church and school in El Salvador.

As the pastor spoke of the need, I could hear the emotion in his voice when he spoke of the violence in the city and the need to offer hope to hurting people. He talked about children living on the streets and being taken into prostitution by unsavory people.
As we stood on the concrete in midday June listening to his heart and God’s vision for this place, we could feel the heat burning through our shoes. We circled in prayer with the pastor and prayed for God to give them this building as their church in order to reach more people for Christ and save the children from the streets. That was in June of 2011. There was no roof on the building and the walls were crumbling, but the steel frame was solid.

Then, this fall, I have been teaching from the book of Nehemiah in the Bible about his passion for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. As we reached the midway point of the study, we saw that he was able to complete the rebuilding of the walls in 52 days.

While preparing my message, I received two unexpected photos from the missionary couple we stayed with in El Salvador. These photos show the warehouse with walls restored and roof installed filled with people hearing the gospel message of Christ. It took my breath away. I could see the same tile floor where we stood over a year ago praying for this place.

And yes, I realize that others had prayed much longer than we had, but to think that God cares enough about our prayers to show us a visual of His answer and response at a time when I could relate it back to His Word is proof once again of His Sovereignty and Omniscience. He knows all things, is in control of all things and He sees our future long before we have arrived at that point in time.

God does hear our prayers, and He does answer prayer! He knows every need and has a plan in place to meet that need. It may not be in our time or the way we expected, but there will always be an answer. Prayer is vital to our lives in addition to making a difference in the lives of those near and those far away as we pray for others.

“And this is my prayer, that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ…” Philippians 2:1a niv