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Give a gift of $30 or more and receive a complimentary copy of “Facing Fears, Quenching Flames” through the month of December.

Your Gift will support the mission of Majestic Inspirations which is to help others grow in faith through the teaching, writing and speaking God’s Word in radio, blogs, books and Bible Studies.

What Others Have Said

“Thank you for sharing Tuesday mornings with me for five years. You teach the word of God so well. You are in my heart and God Bless you.” – a Bible Study student –

“So grateful for your Faithfulness and GOD’S in HIS Perfect Time to use you as you again touch so many lives for HIS Glory.” – a Bible Study student –

“Thank you for making this year’s Leaders Retreat such a success! Our attendees loved you as a Breakout Leader. We heard so many wonderful comments that we wanted to share them with you, both general and more specifically about your presentation. The feedback on our evaluations pertaining to you were extremely positive:

  • “Virginia Grounds inspired/impacted me the most”
  • “Virginia – well done and so needed! Excellent choice for retreat”
  • “That was for me – my word!”
  • “Awesome – I needed to hear this!”
  • “Transparent, very humble woman of God”

I so appreciate your authenticity as a leader. You have a genuine gift and it was an honor to share you with the ladies we serve. Praying for God to continue pouring out His blessings on you and your ministry just as you have poured out and blessed us! 2012 – Terri Burnett, Founder/Women’s Nonprofit Alliance/ProvenWay Ministries