How Big is God? (a deeper look at the Measuring Hand blog)

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“Behold the LORD comes with might, and His arm rules for Him…” Isaiah 40:10a ESV

Begin by reading Isaiah 40:9-31 and answer the following questions.

1. Where were the people of Jerusalem to go and what announcement were they to shout to the cities of Judah? Verse 9

2.To stand boldly on a high public place shouting the name of the LORD takes great courage. What encouragement was given just before they were told to shout “Behold your God”? See also Isaiah 35:4

3.Read Isaiah 35:1-2. What promise was made to the people?

It is the hope given in these verses that inspires the strength and courage of God’s weak people. God is committed to His people and to the faithfulness of His promise for His return and their return. Therefore, they are to have faith without fear in what was promised. The same is true related to Isaiah 40:9. They are to ‘fear not’ as they shout to the cities, “Behold your God”. They are to speak boldly by faith without fear.

4. How can this truth be applied to your life today? See Matthew 5:14-16 for additional insight.

5. Going back to Isaiah 40, in verses 10-11 God is revealed as both powerful and gentle. How does this speak to you personally?

6. Verses 12-29 describe the greatness of God. Write down any words or phrases that give you an indication of size.

7. What are the people of the earth compared to in size? Verse 22. Again, what does this tell you about God as it relates to you? Is God big enough to take care of all the peoples of the earth? Is He big enough to take care of your needs and weaknesses?

8. The promises given in verses 29-31 are for you and me just as they were for the people of Judah at the time given. How is your strength renewed according to verse 31?

Our human weakness gives way to God’s strength as we look with expectation to Him in every aspect of our lives. Our faith grows as we trust Him with our lives without fear of the future, or fear that He cannot or will not provide for our needs.

God is so big, we cannot even begin to fathom what that really means, yet He cares for you and me as a shepherd holding his sheep to his bosom. What a mighty and majestic God we serve. Again I say, I am humbled, I am speechless…

Close your study time in prayer praising God for who He is and for the splendor of His creation.