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The mission of Majestic Inspirations is: To inspire from the written word of God by writing, speaking and teaching for the purpose of growing others in their faith.

The name Majestic Inspirations was placed in my heart many years ago. It reminds me of the majesty of God and His majestic voice.

It is His voice that breathed His word into the hearts of mankind giving us the written word to live by today. The majesty of His word inspires me every day.

May you be inspired to grow deeper in your faith through the resources offered through this website directing you to the majestic voice of God.

Virginia Grounds, Speaker/Author/Radio Host

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What is the IT?

December 6, 2017

For the past few years, a group of friends and I have been challenged in December to ask God to give us a word for the coming year. My word for 2017 is JOY. I began the year thinking ‘awesome, my year is going to be filled with joy!’ It has been in many ways that I am so thankful for. The year began with the birth of a baby boy into our family and has ended with the birth of a second baby boy into our family. That is JOY! In addition, I was able to complete a year-long contract of radio hosting. God provided messages and interviews throughout the year that brought great joy. We have a new church home. That, too, is great joy. However, among these joyful events, there have been trials, disappointments and discouragement as well. But God is reminding me at the end of this year what true joy is all about. This month the Lord has taken me time and again to James 1:2 which says in part, “…count it all joy when you encounter various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” In reading this verse, I think we have a tendency to believe that God is telling us to consider the trial all joy. We ask, ‘how can I consider this cancer joy, or this death joy, or this divorce, or this...Read More

Facing Fears, Quenching Flames

We all experience negative emotions at some point in life, particularly following times of loss. How can we cope? How can we get past the emotions that drag us down? The focus of this book is on two of the most difficult emotions to overcome: fear and anger. My heart grieves for those who suffer loss and cannot get past these emotions to a state of peace and joy once again. God inspired the devotionals of this book to help hurting hearts overcome the impact of negative emotions that arise out of grief and loss. These are not your typical devotionals. They can be very convicting and can require action.

By picking up this book, you are beginning a journey to guide you through the emotions that follow your difficulty and loss. Section one is written to help you overcome the paralyzing fear that has resulted from whatever sorrow you have experienced. Section two is a guide through overcoming anger to find the freedom and peace you long for.